Ayurvedic Consultations

Each individual is unique and Ayurveda aims to find and remove the root cause of imbalance in the body, mind and spirit.

In your consultation, your practitioner will:

  • Take a detailed health history
  • Determine any current imbalances
  • Recommend diet, lifestyle and herbal support

Ayurveda can address imbalances associated with sleep, energy, digestion, emotions, immunity, hormones, skin, joints, weight and many other conditions.

Initial Consultation (1 hr): $125

Follow-up Consultation (1/2 hr): $60

Book a Consultation
Currently, consultations are available via phone or video. Please email Kate Bentley or Danielle Knight with your preferred days and times. Thank you!

Kate Bentley: kate.yogiveda@gmail.com   I  Danielle Knight: daniellek108@gmail.com

Your Ayurvedic Practitioners

Kate Bentley, MA-Ayurveda
Danielle (Siri Radha) Knight, CAP, RYT